Winter update: closer to production

Winter seed sowingHi everyone and happy thanksgiving for our US fans. Winter is coming and most of your gardens probably don’t need much water anymore. But, did you know there are many things you can do in preparation for the spring? Read on, we’ve linked a few good guides about winter sowing and growing at the end of this article.

Now, about Wise Orchard: we are working hard to manufacture it as soon as possible. There has been a small delay (2 -3 weeks), as we’ve had to redesign some stuff and the embedded firmware took a bit longer than expected to develop, but we’re now back on track. We expect to manufacture our first production run in January, and we’ll probably be able to send some production samples in mid-January to beta-testers. How soon after that we’ll be able to ship to customers depends on how software development progresses, which will be one of our main tasks in the coming weeks.

By the way, did you know that Wise Orchard can warn you when it’s close to freezing so you can winterize your irrigation system in time? We’re actively testing this feature as we speak!

Grown from seeds
Like we promised, here are our winter guides for growing from seeds:
Top 10 vegetables to grow over the winter
Winter sowing – germinating the natural way
Winter sowing – a step by step guide
Winter sowing 101

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