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Wise Orchard API is now public

Over time, some of you have asked about integrations and API access and a few weeks ago we gave you early access. Now, we are excited to finally release a public API with full documentation that will allow you to control your valve using your own software instead of our app. This opens up a lot of new possibilities for those of you that have smart homes and like tinkering with IoT devices and their software.

There are three main use cases for you to be using this API:

  • Control and automate your Wise Orchard valves directly with your own custom-built software, instead of using our app.
  • Integrate Wise Orchard valves with third-party IoT services like IFTTT, smart home appliances and smart assistants, so that you can control Wise Orchard through them.
  • Use Wise Orchard to control your own purpose-built watering devices (hydroponics, remote agricultural valves, you name it). Contact us for more information if you want to do this.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with! Please let us know what you build with our API.

For API-related inquiries you can contact us here: [email protected]
For updates on the API you can join our API & integrations mailing list here.

And one more thing: don’t forget that Wise Orchard is on SALE now, only until July 14! (50% OFF). It’s a unique opportunity to grab your first one or install more in other zones in your garden.

Wise Orchard’s Internet-connected irrigation valve automatically adjusts your plants’ watering schedule so that they are always healthy and beautiful, using just the right amount of water by watching your local weather. You can install it in minutes, attaching it to your tap and hose to easily control and monitor your garden from your smartphone. You bring the hose, it does the rest. Get it here: https://wiseorchard.com

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