Status update: October

Fall_imageHi everyone!

Fall has finally arrived, yellow leaves, mist and mushrooms are coming. These past few weeks have been intense for us.  We’ve been improving some internal features of the mechanical design that we’ll be testing this month. Also, we’ve iterated over several circuit board designs and we’re almost done on that front, and we’ve selected all the final electronic components we’ll be using.

On the embedded software front, we’ve introduced encryption in the communications and we’re working on OTA updates. As for the user interface and user-facing software part, we’re working on the design at this point. By the end of this month we should have a final hardware prototype exactly like production units and we’ll be able to focus on software development from then on. We’re on track to deliver early next year, remember to help us spread the word and make Wise Orchard known among fellow gardeners!

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