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Hi everyone! We hope you’re having a great summer. At Wise Orchard we’ve been busy coming up with a final design for our smart watering valve and we’re now ready to share some photos with you.

Wise Orchard smart watering valve
New Wise Orchard design



As you can see, it’s a bit thinner (not cubic) and it fits perfectly in the “hanging from faucet” configuration. We’re using a swivel nut so that you don’t need to rotate the valve at any time (which is convenient if both ends of your irrigation system are fixed -a buried hose that you can’t rotate, for example).  A double mesh filter has been implemented too.



About the colour, some of you were of the opinion that something less flashy would be more appropriate. We agree and we always intended to use a more subtle tone for production, but we’re going to keep using this paint for the prototypes for the time being. In fact, weatherproofing the case may force us to use darker colors for UV protection. Maybe even a dark grey case could be in order (we have a logo/color scheme prepared already for that case). We’re also working on making it water-resistant, we’re currently testing the waterproofing features.




Oh, and there will also be a multi-function button on the front in the final version (it used to be on the back but it’s not yet implemented in the current prototype). You’ll be able to use this button to control certain things manually.

As always, please remember to help us spread the word and make Wise Orchard known!


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