How to get the most out of Wise Orchard

Wise OrchardWhat is smart watering all about? When we call Wise Orchard “smart” we usually mean it uses smart practices to conserve water and give your plants exactly what they need without causing unnecessary stress. Efficiency and saving are two main goals of smart watering.

Normally, you would need to be on top of things all the time. Smart watering is about knowing how much your garden needs, ensuring any moisture is retained, and distributing water in the garden effectively. With Wise Orchard in charge, that is no longer difficult and time-consuming. It will save you time and money over the long term while making a sustainable use of water resources. Conserve supply by applying water in a clever and responsible way.

We have put together a series of tips to help you get the most out of your smart garden with Wise Orchard:

Planting tips

  • Choose grass species for your lawn or plants that have low water requirements and are adapted to your local climate.
  • Aerating your lawn and around trees at least once a year helps improve water penetration. A perfect time to do this is when planting.
  • Improve your soil with organic matter like compost.
  • Using a few inches of mulch reduces evaporation, moderates extremes in soil temperatures, improves water penetration and helps control weeds that compete for water.
  • Grouping plants with similar watering needs in the same area makes it easier to ensure they get the water they need without over-watering.
    For example, flowerbeds and lawn areas can often have very different water requirements and should be watered as separate zones.
  • Avoid planting out in summer, when hotter temperatures mean plants need more water to become established.
  • A well-maintained garden requires less water, so weed, prune and mow as needed.

Water Wisely

  • Use Wise Orchard’s smart mode
    Your watering schedule is customized for your zones and constantly updated as the weather changes.
  • Different plants have different watering needs
    Wise Orchard will adapt the watering schedule to the kind of plants there are on each zone.
  • Select appropriate sprinklers for your zones
    There are many different types of sprinklers and drippers that apply different amounts of water per hour over different size areas. With Wise Orchard you can choose the type of sprinkler you have -or set your own custom one- so it will know how much it is irrigating.
  • Keep an eye on pressure
    Low or high pressure seriously affects sprinkler and dripper performance; measure your home water pressure and select them accordingly.
  • Use different schedules for each zone
    Wise Orchard will schedule each individual zone in your irrigation system to account for type of sprinkler, sun or shade exposure, soil type and more
    . Different zones will almost always need different watering schedules and Wise Orchard takes care of this for you.


  • Install multiple valves
    Irrigation zones are areas that are watered by the same irrigation valve and plumbing. Installing extra connections now makes it easier and less expensive to expand your irrigation system later. You can install multiple Wise Orchard valves to control each zone from the app.
  • Manage watering amount
    Your type of soil determines how quickly water can be absorbed without runoff.  Wise Orchard doesn’t water more than your soil can absorb, so that there will be no water runoff and waste.
  • Manage watering frequency and depth
    Deep watering that fills up the plant’s rooting zone with water and then lets this partially dry out again is ideal. Watering too much and too frequently results in shallow roots, weed growth, disease and fungus. Wise Orchard seamlessly takes care of this for you, keeping plants healthy and promoting root growth.
  • Water at the right times
    Watering during the heat of the day may cause losses due to evaporation. Wise Orchard has the flexibility to water when the sun is low or down -tracking sunrise and sunset at your location, when winds are calm and temperatures are cool — typically between the evening and early morning, saving money and water, while keeping your grass, plants, and trees healthier. Wise Orchard also allows you to set exactly when you want to irrigate, even at different times depending on the day of the week.
  • Keep an eye on sprinklers so they water plants, not your driveway, sidewalk, patio or buildings.
  • Wise Orchard smart water valveCheck out the online manual or download the app to see all you can do with Wise Orchard!

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