Growing the perfect lawn

Owning a home in most cases also means tending to the landscaping and lawnLawn on their property, and is a source of great pride for many. Landscaping accentuates the design of the home, it adds the final aesthetic touch to the residence, and the backyard is quite often used for entertaining during the summertime. Keeping a lawn vibrantly green, weed-free, and looking its best becomes an important priority to many homeowners.

It isn’t always an easy task to foster a lush lawn; most times it requires a multifaceted management approach. To keep grass looking pristine homeowners need to invest both time and money on the following aspects:  watching the frequency and amount of water applied, keeping the grass adequately fed, mowing correctly, and performing routine maintenance. These factors encourage optimal growth and a desired shade of beautiful green.

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Wise Orchard news

spring gardenSpring is in full swing again and we have a bunch of good news about our smart watering system.

A fresh batch of Wise Orchard valves is coming from the factory, with some improvements in connection range, ease of set-up and reliability. Orders made from now on will be getting this revised hardware version 2.

Also, we are going to be publishing a series of new articles on gardening and watering here in our blog, so stay tuned and enjoy your gardens with Wise Orchard!

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It’s easy to install like a hose timer, it connects directly to your Wi-Fi and you can control it from your smartphone.

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